Food Technology Project Topics

1. Producing And Sensory Examine The Biscuit Using Wheat Flour Cassava Flour Abacha Floor And African Yam Bean Flour

2. Nutrient Composition Functional And Organoleptic Properties Of Complementary Foods From Sorghum

3. Importance Of Utazi Gongronema Latifolium And Nchuanwu Ocimum Gratissium

4. Effects Of Different Processing Methods Of Afzelia Africana (akpalata) Seed Flour As A Soup Thickener

5. Production Of Jam Using Banana Its Nutritive Value

6. The Physico-chemical And Antioxidant Properties Of Culinary Herbs And Local Spies

7. The Effects Of Different Processign Techniquies On The Organoleptic Quality Of Soymilk Processing And Storage

8. Production Of Mixed Fruit Using Fuse Locally Soured Citrus Fruits Orange (citrus Silences) Tangerine Citrus Reticulate) Lemon C Groups (citrus Paradox).

9. Isolation And Performance Evaluation Of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae From On Palm Wine

10. Effect Of Storage Time On The Functional Properties Of Wheatbambka Groundnut Blend

11. Use Of Composite Flour Blends For Biscuit Making (peanut/cassava Flour)

12. The Status Of Processing And Preservation Of Cereals In Nigeria

13. Production Of Jam Using Banana/its Nutritive Value

14. Production And Acceptability Studies Of Malted Sorghum (sorghum Bicolor) Biscuit

15. Production Of Bread Using Wheat And Cassava Blend Flavoured With Ginger

16. The Extraction And Production Of Essential Oil From Cashew Nuts

17. Production And Assessment Of Acceptability Of Cake From A Blend Of Carrot And Wheat Flour Original

18. Analysis Of Physical And Chemical Properties Of Soya Bean