Electrical Electronic Engineering Project Topics

1. The Design And Implementation Of A Four – Way Traffic Light Control Circuit.

2. Design And Construction Of An Automatic Phase Selector.

3. Construction Of An Automatic Change Over Switch (3.7kva)

4. Design And Construction Of A Microcontroller Based Security System With Intruder Position Display

5. Design And Construction Of 500va Power Inverter System With Inbuilt Battery Supply

6. Design And Construction Of 5kva Sine Wave Inverter

7. Design And Construction Of 1kva Uninterrupted Power System (ups)

8. The Impact Of Insurance Services In The Nigerian Economy

9. Role Of Insurance Industry In Management Of Environmental Risk

10. New Product Development As A Strategy For Efficient Marketing Of Life Assurance Product In Nigeria

11. Marketing Of Insurance Services In The Midst Of Universal Banking Environment Problems, Prospects And Challenges

12. Local Content And Growth Of Nigeria Re-insurance An Overview

13. Bacteriological Assessment Of Some Commercially Prepared Yoghurt Retailed In Enugu Metropolis

14. A Critical Review Of The Effect Of Good Accounting System In The Growth And Development Of Insurance Industry

15. An Examination Of The Contribution Of Real Property Related Services To Gross Domestic Product In Nigeria 1999-2010.

16. Design And Implementation Of A Wireless Car Security Device System

17. Patient Heartbeat And Temperature Monitor

18. Construction Of Automatic Water Level Controller For Both Overhead And Underground Tanks

19. Design And Contruction Of Automatic Phase Selector

20. Construction Of A Gsm Based Home Automation Using Avr

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