Economics Project Topics

1. An Economic Impact Of Value Added Tax (vat) On Government Revenue Generation In Nigeria

2. The Contribution Of Commercial Bank To The Economic Growth In Nigeria (1980 –2004)

3. He Impact Of Fiscal Policy On The Nigeria Economy

4. Unemployment And Inflation In Nigeria

5. The Role Of The Agricultural Sector As An Accelerator To Nigeria Economy

6. The Role Of Microfinance Bank Credit On Agricultural Development In Nigeria (1980-2010)

7. The Role Of Stock Market In The Growth Of Nigerian Economy (1980 – 2010)

8. The Impact Of Value Added Tax On Nigerian Economic Growth (1994-2010)

9. The Impact Of Unemployment On Economic Growth In Nigeria (1982-2010)

10. The Impact Of Salary Increase On Inflation In Nigeria

11. The Impact Of Transportation On The Nigerian Economy (1980 – 2010)

12. The Impact Of Population Growth On The Nigerian Economy (1980-2010)

13. The Impact Of Privatization And Commercialization Of Public Enterprises On Economic Growth Of Nigeria

14. The Impact Of Petroleum Subsidy On The Consumption Of Petroleum Products In Nigeria

15. The Impact Of Oil Revenue On The Economic Growth In Nigeria (1980-2010)

16. The Impact Of Monetary Policy On Nigeria Economy (1980 2010)

17. The Impact Of Minimum Wage Fluctuation On Growth Of Nigerian Economy

18. The Impact Of Microfinance On Entreneurship Development In Nigeria

19. The Impact Of Labour Market Crisis On Developing Economics The Nigeria Experience (1980-2010)

20. The Impact Of Indutrialization On Nigeria Economic Development

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