Computer Science Project Topics

1. Design And Implementation Of A Web-based Multicriteria Decision System For Nysc Deployment To Places Of Primary Assignment

2. Minimizing File Downloading Time In Stochastic Peer To Peer Networks | Project Topics

3. Implementing An Online Examination System

4. Evaluate The Use Of Computer In Teaching And Learning Of Basic Technology At The Secondary School In Orumba South Local Government Area Of Anambra State

5. Online Course Registration System

6. Development Of Web Portal For Health Centre

7. Design And Implementation Of An Electronic Voting System With Contactless Ic Cards

8. The Impact Of The Introduction Of The Computer On The Secretarial Profession (a Case Study Of Selected Banks In Enugu Metropolis)

9. Design And Simulation Of A Personnal Computer Temperation Control System

10. Design And Simulation Of A Microprocessor- Based Industrial Arm

11. Design And Implementation Of State Civil Service Payroll Accounting System (a Case Study Of Civil Service Commission Enugu

12. Design And Implementation Of State Civil Service Payrol Accounting System

13. Design And Implementation Of Real Time Current Account Transaction Processing System

14. Design And Implementation Of Online Cash Receipt Generation System For A Supermarket.

15. Design And Implementation Of On Line Cash Receipt Generating System For A Supermarket.

16. Design And Implementation Of Network-based Security Information System

17. Design And Implementation Of Interactive Website For Internet Banking

18. Design And Implementation Of Database System For Patient Management System

19. Design And Implementation Of Computerized Stock Marketing Report (a Case Study Of Nigeria Stock Exchanhe Commission)

20. Design And Implementation Of Computerized Information System For Small Small Business Enterprise A Case Study Of Enugu Urban.

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